Why do we insist on having JavaScript enabled?

www.FamousDefaces.com, www.Txt2Pic.com, www.ComicStripGenerator.com, www.SignGenerator.org, www.DangerSignGenerator.com, www.RSSbuttons.com, www.BannerGenerator.org's sponsor ads use JavaScript to create "IFrame" ads on our sites. If visitors are not seeing these ads, our site may not be able to support it's self and then would have to resort to charging a membership fee (our entire goal is to donate free online web services to the modern world). Thankfully we do not have to resort to charging cash money for our fun websites because sponsor ads (using JavaScript) support our costs to run these free services.

By helping this site earn an income (now you can buy your custom creation as a magnet), you help our numerous non-profit humanitarian web sites (like spare.change.whak.com for homelessness/poverty or www.CrisisSearch.com that helps disaster victims or www.MedChecker.com for medical links). By disabling JavaScript on our site, you are basically robbing us of potential income as you would never know if our sponsors had interesting advertisements or not (there are many very good advertisers on our pages with relevant products and neat stuff you would never have thought of). We also offer a variety of non humanitarian (yet they are still free useful tools to many people) websites ranging from search tools (like www.SirSeek.com) to comedy/humor (like www.WHAK.com)!

All sponsor ad revenue is used to help pay loans for 2 new servers (2 Dell systems with Pentium4 3 GHz with 1GB RAM for a database server and other for web file and ASP application svr), WIFI network appliances, internet lines (highspeed business cable internet access), image hosting service (additional 2 GB of paid web space on faster T3 lines that we can not afford, speeds our sites up by about 30-60% for DSL/cable users), digital scanner, digital camera, high quality photo printer/lab, 2 workstation computers (2.8 Ghz P4 with Windows XP and needed software), software (anti virus, HTML editor, digital graphics editor, web promotion, combo gateway & firewall hardware solution, link cataloging, office apps), advertising costs, domain name renewals and other needed services/expenses. Money will also be used for production materials, backup/storage media (new hard drives, blank DVDs), photography props, tools and future costs inflicted by our servers (for instance, we could use some hosted SQL database hosting accounts down the road).

Sorry for the slight inconvenience, we are just trying to get our sponsor ads shown as our sponsors do not offer non-JavaScript advertisements at this time.